#meetup for chat around startup ideas in Silicon Cape

Hey all, 

I've started a Meetup called "Cape Town IdeaCrit Group" with the goal to:

  • make new friends with like minded entrepreneurial people
  • openly share ideas for new businesses or services
  • give and take honest open criticism/feedback from eachother to mould our ideas further
  • find out about opportunities to collaborate and help each other out, - like finding resources, certain skills, co-founders! etc.

I hope to meet some cool talent in the Silicon Cape community. Find out more on the page - hope you can make it!


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Hi Mark - I think this is a great idea...

I'll definitely try and make these meetups.

Great Idea

When's the next one Mark?

Hey guys, going to post the next event now. Thursday 3 May, 6pm Sinn's Wembley Square. RSVP here:


At our first Meetup last week, 2 guys registered, and 5 total pitched! So it was great, hope to see you there. 

Come on Developers.. where are you? We need some technical wizards to attend the CONNCT sessions. 

Will spread the word in the CT Ruby User Group

When's the next one? I would love to attend these things. 

Hi Pieter, I had 3 meetups since the start and havent planned another yet. Started the google page at https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101720819291683393588/101720819291683... but haven't planned another soon!


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