#meetup for chat around startup ideas in Silicon Cape

Hey all, 

I've started a Meetup called "Cape Town IdeaCrit Group" with the goal to:

  • make new friends with like minded entrepreneurial people
  • openly share ideas for new businesses or services
  • give and take honest open criticism/feedback from eachother to mould our ideas further
  • find out about opportunities to collaborate and help each other out, - like finding resources, certain skills, co-founders! etc.

I hope to meet some cool talent in the Silicon Cape community. Find out more on the page - hope you can make it!


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Hi Mark - I think this is a great idea...

I'll definitely try and make these meetups.

Great Idea

Hey guys, going to post the next event now. Thursday 3 May, 6pm Sinn's Wembley Square. RSVP here:


At our first Meetup last week, 2 guys registered, and 5 total pitched! So it was great, hope to see you there. 

Will spread the word in the CT Ruby User Group

When's the next one? I would love to attend these things. 

Hi Pieter, I had 3 meetups since the start and havent planned another yet. Started the google page at https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101720819291683393588/101720819291683... but haven't planned another soon!


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