Looking for South Africa's best Startups for a great show

Hiya all

Last year I organized a very successful Startup show, please see link


I just got an email from Jason Calacanis from This Week In Startups asking me to get 4 of South Africas best startups for another show which is to air on the 25th of May.

I am worried that its too short notice and before I turn him down I will give it a little go.

So if there are any great startups out there in Cape Town who would like amazing international exposure please let me know asap so I can try make this show happen.




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Tyrone, we will make a plan! Let me know if you need any help. I'll send you a mail and give you a call sometime once I have your details.

Do you want to let us know here what the criteria is for the startups (why such late notice)?


Hey Tyrone, How can we help ?

What if you me and Tim make sure we again showcase to Jason the best Silicon Cape can offer in-spite of  the short notice and all.

I'm sure we (TheBarn) can help by sponsoring the venue and connectivity for the broadcast and along with Tim and the community get the Start-Ups infront of Jason next Friday evening.

Gimme a shout !

Hey! You made the last one happen.

I have been emailing you but dont know what you new email is?

please try reach me on tyronerubinfilm@gmail.com

I know its short notice but they really want Cape Town to battle Sri-Lanks

4 Startups from CT 4 from Sri-Lanka

Last time I got 10 startups for the show. Now I have zero.

I wonder whats hapened?

If you can help if will be amazing.

again I tried u on that other address but no luck.

Nothing happened, it's looking like we'll easily be oversubscribed! Can't wait!

Hi Tyrone,

There is a new startup called GutFeel.co.za on the market. Check it out, the idea behind it is to express your opinion to influence the way brands do business and advertise whilst earning money.  GutFeel was featured on 5FM yesterday and has already made a splash.  In beta phase at the moment, but expecting BIG things!





Sorry for the late notice but for some reason it got too late to include gutfeel. I really kindly ask you guys to all come along


I will be having more of these show and would love to get you guys on board.

Please let me know that you get this.


Hi Tyrone,
This is my my start up, I use for personal use, however anyone is welcome to use the socl.co.za website.
I would like Socl.co.za to be a educational and portal site that can also help educate South African's about websites on the internet and internet use.

Socl.co.za making social media, news, banking, entertainment, search and email easier to access online, at a click on a button. Helping make you faster and more effective on the internet. We support local businesses. (Designed and built by South African's for South African's) Currently BETA version.

Darryl Lopes

Hi Tyrone,

I am sure you'd easily get quality start ups to represent Cape Town. Do you have clarity in terms of the criteria? etc.

I'd not only be keen to present my own baby, I'm available to help with organizing and such.

Let us know,



Looking forward to meeting you tonight


Hi Tyrone

Here is our story in short.
Livebids.co.za is a very unique online social market place with 3 buying & selling formats.
That was built from the ground up.

We started about 2 1/2 years ago in 2009 with the idea to create an online market place that will help buyers and sellers fully connect in trade while being rewarded.  Paul von Hoesslin & Rory Vollmer (Co-founders), It soon became a reality in 2012 & soon thousands of online products will be sold and bought every day.

LiveBids market place has 3 selling formats: Auctions, PayPerBid, Group Buying.  

The first model Auction is based on the traditional format where items are sold to the highest bidder and the second model Group buying is similar to that currently utilized by Groupon, Pay Per Bid rounds up our service as the only site to offer all three models on one platform.

Pay Per Bid aims to empower online sellers by giving them an opportunity to make massive profits while giving buyers products at prices way below cost up to 85% off.

This is how the Pay per bid selling model works: Sellers can sell products to buyers up to 85% off. Buyers pay R4 for every bid made, with 1 credit equaling the value of R4. Sellers place their product online in which they stipulate a start and end date. The timer counts down and the auction closes when it reaches zero. For every bid that is made by a buyer, the winning amount increments by 0.01 cent when the timer reaches the last few seconds and a bidder bids it will up the end time by 15 seconds. For every bid, the seller will make R3.

Here is an example: A seller places a 1TB External Hard Drive on Livebids pay per bid for Buyers to win. She/he set their cost of the bid at R4. If the item sells for R20.00 the buyer will only pay the R20.00 to the seller, plus shipping. R20 X 100 will equal the amount of bids placed. 2000 bids X R3 a bid.  The seller will make R6000 from this pay per bid sale. So, buyers can win items at a very low cost and sellers can make huge profits!

Livebids is the future of online selling and buying.
Take a look at our Fan page:https://www.facebook.com/Livebids
Keep yourself in the loop at: www.Livebids.co.za

Let me know!
Thank you

Livebids Team


in reply to Silicon Cape comment.

Because your product is still in beta I cant get it on the show right now. Sorry for the late notice. I will be having more of these shows so please keep in contact.

I dont have an email address for you guys.

Please can you come support tonights show to see what its all about.



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