How to sell an idea to LG, Sony or even a local company?

Let’s say I have a really, really good idea the that would change an industry and need to present or speak to someone about it?
How do I go about it, I have “ruff” CAD drawings and picture samples of it... but what now?

I don't want to wait too long!


I thought I might go to CSIR or the Innovation hub and one of my best friends know Elon Musk and he works for Lyndon Rive, so I just don't want to go like "here's my demo disc" type of thing!

If it is based on a tech, but used in a very different way or it changes the way it is used... would I still be able to patent it??


This idea would be possible to use anywhere in the world and it has the potential to change the way an industry works completely. You could say a "Green Revelation/revolution or evolution"

I just want to sell the idea not to make a prototype, the idea alone is self-explanatory if you see it, but so far I haven’t seen anything like it!

If it is based on a tech, but used in a very different way or it changes the way it is used... would I still be able to patent it??





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I don't know much about patenting except that I believe you can't patent an idea only a product based on an idea. I could be wrong about this, but that is what I have figured from research into seeing how to patent something.

What you would do is specify the terms claims in your patent to cover every possible angle or scenario to protect as much of the idea as possible. However someone can always come along and find a way around that. Locally you have Cipro where you can file a provisional patent, then you have a year I think to do the final patent. It will cost you a couple of thousand because you will need a patent lawyer to help you, then you also have to look at local patents vs international patents and of course US patents for full protection.

The best would be to start searching the US patent office to see if something like yours has been patented already, the inventors in the US are very sharp and have thought of nearly everthing and there are hundreds of thousands of patents for so many ideas. You would have to do research anyway as part of your patent application. Thats about as much help as I can give.
I think you're going to struggle without a prototype. Idea's aren't worth much by themselves.
Do it naturally, if you think someone's going to steal your idea (omg) then find out about the patent. If you think you can make enough progress to make a sustainable income AND evolve your idea into something better, bigger, then just keep doing it till it's time to make that patent.


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