Financial Management site moneysmart just launched into BETA

Hi Everyone.


It has been a very challenging few months launching my company

Since our private and alpha release we have had over a 1000+ users giving us feedback to help build the service better for their use.

Today i am a proud  SA start up business owner. We have just launched our BETA version of the site. We thank all our users for their feedback and participation and we are great full for everyone supporting our venture.

I extend our service offering to everyone in Silicon Cape to contribute their knowledge to our venture. Please go have a visit and deliver your feedback and comments.

On another note. Moneysmart will be launching a APP Development campaign inviting developers of E-commerce business to build applications and service on our platform to offer more value to our users.


As moneysmart is a free service we rely on tech savvy developers to help us build great  value added applications for our users and monitise their offerings.


I hope you have a great experience whilst trialing our BETA and welcome your feedback.


Thank You for your support.



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Thank you for logging this problem. What bank are you with?


Capitec is working on improving their statement facility to work better for auto categorisation.

Nedbank seems to have a technical impairment to helping their own customers.

For any other CSV error's, it might be browser base.

I will have our support team help you out, we did get your Failed CSV upload error in our Ticketing system and they will get back to you today.

Hi Tobie, 


Really great Beta! 


What was the reason for choosing CSV rather than OFX? 



Hi Henk


Thank you for the feedback. In general, the majority of the banks provides CSV files as first option and some of the banks do not have OFX File facilities. It would have been much better with OFX. We have started building an all file support engine which will cater for OFX, PDF's, Zip files etc.


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