This past week I have held 2 talks on Facebook For Business at the biggest exhibition for the signs & graphics industry in Africa. Because the exhibitors messed up the times, I had more people come and talk to me on the subject matter on the exhibition stand than attended the sessions.

Arthur Charles Van Wyk The Brand EvangelistOne of the things I take away from my talks with business people is that apart from not many understanding Facebook as a marketing tool, even fewer understand that Facebook requires relentless optimisation to be effective. In my talk on the second day I decided to deviate completely from my prepared presentation and zoom in on Facebook business profile optimisation.

Subsequent to that talk I went thru just over 100 Facebook fanpages, and found that even the ones that have been turned into serious eye candy are not continuously maintained and optimised for maximum brand-building effect.

There are the gurus among us that will try and convince us that Facebook as a marketing tool renders minimal to no effect as a marketing tool. I say "JOOT BOLO" ("you lie" in Hindi). Just because they haven't figured the medium out they believe there's nothing more they can do. Let me assure you that Facebook as a marketing medium has just started being effective.

For now, the important thing is to get on, build the profile and get people to join.. we'll talk about optimisation in the days, week and months to come. The beauty of all this is that nobody has taught me how to optimise Facebook, so nobody needs a lecture or a manual. This stuff can be figured out simply by immersing yourself in the medium.

Immerse yourself.

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