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I am sure everyone has heard a lot about the Consumer Protection Act, 2008. There has been loads of publicity but in some senses, it has actually confused consumers more than anything else. So I decided to start up a blog to provide some free information.


If you need any information on the Consumer Protection Act, 2008 go check out 

 http://www.consumerprotectionactsa.com. The intention is to simplify an important, yet confusing, piece of legislation.





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Thanks Dale! 


I was hoping to see a definition of "consumer"! There seems to be quite a bit of confusion. According to some websites, consumers refer only to natural persons. 


According to others, the definition of consumers also include businesses making less than R2M in turnover. (I know that this was in the draft bills, but not sure if it's actually in the Act) 



Hi Henk,


Consumers are natural persons and juristic persons whose previous annual turnover is less than R2m. 


Essentially, "consumers" as defined are people and small businesses. 





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