Hi people,I'd like to know what the cheapest option for .co.za domain name registration is?


What have you guys used?



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R50 from http://www.coza.net.za/. Registering with them is a little more tricky than using an ISP, but a lot cheaper.

Most ISP's charge R150.

Much Appreciated Quinton.
Thats cheaper than I thought. I know Hertzner charges R74 ~ and I should say in the 4 years I have been with them they have been great a few hacks here and there on my hosted sites but have never had issue with domains themselves.

Will also look into Quintin's suggestions pretty lucrative

also check out http://www.cozareg.com/


in all fairness, whoever you host your site with, they'll give you the nameservers which you can fill into the form and email to coza.net directly


remember to email the form in 'text only' format (no rich formatting)


Currently R50 at http://www.domain-name-registration.co.za/ 

Based on a script I wrote a few years ago but now includes a basic frontend to manage your DNS records and a microsite.




Could somebody please help me by giving me the steps to registering a South African domain name.I am a bit confused with the whole DNS thing.A step by step mini tutorial will be really helpful.




Hello Waseem,

I would recommend that you also have a look at our resources page on this site, where you will find a link to a list of "Web Hosting Providers in SA".

Some of these ISP's will include the domain registration in a package deal (sometimes as a freebie), if you sign up with them to host your site for you.

Good Luck


You need to have a server in order to register a .co.za domain name. Having a server provides you with the DNS.


As a tip, go to an active .co.za here: http://co.za/Update_gen.php?domain=iol.co.za&screen=screen&...


That's essentially what you need to fill out and send to coza-admin@co.za in plain text. In other words, copy and paste what you see from the link above into an email in pain text, change all the values to your own and that's it. But, as mentioned, you'll need a server to get a DNS. You could use something like www.hostgator.com and buy a babycroc account.


I hope that helps, mate.

Hi Mohammed,


I assumed SCape would notify me of new posts by default but that's obviously not the case. So DNS in a nutshell, as I understand it.


  • it's a directory - not unlike a phonebook but hierarchical and distributed - of mostly domain name to IP address and Alias to domain name mappings
  • for example an A record maps a name such as example.co.za to an IP such as
  • or a CNAME records is an alias that maps www.example.co.za to example.co.za
  • there are also MX (mail exchange records) to specify the name of your mailserver(s) and other types


Most of the time you only have to deal with A, CNAME and MX records although there are many more record types.


I wrote a fairly brief intro with worked example of DNS resolution here at http://www.domain-name-registration.co.za/coza/plugin_wiki/page/a_s....


Best regards,


Oh and if you prefer DIY - here's another post I wrote http://www.domain-name-registration.co.za/coza/plugin_wiki/page/how...

Hello HC,

The notification of new posts is something you control yourself on a "do it yourself" basis.  If you wish this to happen, go to your settings page.  In there you will find a section nazmed e-mail, which enables you to select all the relevant adjustments.

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